Xbox 360 Flashing Red Lighs

When the Xbox 360 was first unveiled just about everyone and their brother wanted to own the new console. Once it was launched it was sold out everywhere within the first week. Now if you ask an owner of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 system’s worst fear is, some might have night mares if the words Halo 3 and canceled are used in the same sentence by most will say that the red ring of death.

The red ring of death is the common named for what happens when the “Ring of Light” surrounding the power button turns red. This red ring of death means that there is some kind of general hardware failure. This could mean that an important chip or other hardware like the modem began to malfunction. The red rind of death also appears when the system gets too hot.

Since the launch, the Xbox 360 has had a bad reputation for most of their systems having this specific issue. For whatever the reason, these three red lights are never looked at in a good way and always mean bad news. So no matter how you look at it you may be thinking of sending your system to the repair center in Texas because of these lights. Well before you pack it up to have it shipped, you may want to stick around and see what I have to say first.

There is a trick that many people have decided to do to avoid going through all the trouble of sending their system off to have it repaired. This trick is called the towel trick, it involves wrapping the system in a few towels and letting it steam in its own “juices” for about twenty minutes. This trick is very dangerous to your system and could be a fire hazard for your home. The towel trick will eventually fry the components in your system, causing it to be broken permanently.

Another way people have their system repaired after experiencing the Xbox 360 flashing red lights is to take it back to the store they got it from and have it repaired or replaced there. This is only a good idea if the system is still under warranty. Which seems to happen a lot times. Some have gotten it fresh out of the box and only been playing for a short time when they experience the Xbox 360 flashing red lights. Therefore, it is the best way to have your system repaired for free as long as it is still under warranty.

The best solution that comes to mind for those having problems with their system and receiving the Xbox 360 flashing red lights is the 3 Red Light Fix guide. When you purchase this guide not only will you get the picture filled ebook but you will also have access to tons of easy to understand videos that will help you along the way of fixing your Xbox 360.

By using this product, I myself have saved hundreds of dollars I would have spend having some one repair all of the problems I have had with the Xbox 360 flashing red lights. This guide is extremely helpful and anyone can use it. Even if they cannot understand the easy to read ebook they will be able to understand the very well put together videos, which show you step by step how to repair your Xbox 360 without harming yourself or the system.

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